Perdido Key Snorkel Reefs


On Perdido Key 33 sections of the new articial reef went in the Gulf sands in early March 2014. The reef starts about 200′ from the beach and the reef trees extend up from the sand about 10 feet providing needed shelter for numerous forms of sealife from tropical fish to sea turtles.

This is just the latest of several reef projects that important to recreation and create an economic boon for Escambia County. The reefs for fishing and snorkeling together provide over $90 million annual economic benefit to Escambia County,according to estimates. While fishing reefs have been very important for tourism for decades, new snorkeling reefs may bring a different activity to the mix of enjoyment on the beach for many who don’t fish.


Placing reefs close to the beach will allow even intermediate swimmers to access sea life upclose without the use of a boat – but swim dive flags are requird where boating is present along the beach.

Its always recommended that you wait to snorkel the reef on days when the waves and current are minimal and the water visibility is good – also its best to snorkel with a friend when possible and even takes a kayaker along for spotting and support if you’re prone to cramps or tiring easily from swimming distances.